Thursday, November 7, 2013

Pending Breakthroughs

I realize it has been a long time since I've posted any updates and it hasn't been for any lack of progress in Liam's developing independence. He has been busy these last few months as we set the course for his next milestone breakthroughs. In September, his therapy sessions were renewed as per a bi-annual evaluation requirement. Last month, he was measured and fitted for a new supine stander which will be customized for his unique needs. 

However, Liam has been showing a lot of determination to learn to stand on his own two feet. He really wants to take off running especially when he sees other kids close to his age taking off. I decided to put together a little riding toy to see if it would encourage him get used to the idea of using his legs. It came with rockers to attach to the wheels to start off as a rocking toy, but Liam didn't care for that function. So I took off the rockers and here is the result. 

Now, even his Physical Therapist questions whether he will even need the customized stander by the time it arrives. Even during therapy sessions when she stands him on his feet, he no longer resists and instead continues to instinctively push down into his feet increasingly bearing more of his own weight through his legs. 

Practice standing in Physical Therapy (look at his arm bending!)
To further add to the topic of Liam's independence, we are also seeing much more use in his hands and arms. He has even started to bend his right elbow independently! In response to this breakthrough, his Occupational Therapist has spent the last few weeks designing a customized splint to fit to his elbow to encourage him to use it more. She has also taken one of his feeding spoons and creatively applied a combination of weather stripping from the hardware store, a tongue depressor, and electrical tape to fatten up the grip and lengthen the handle so that Liam can attempt to feed himself. For now, we are working on getting him accustomed to the elbow splint so that he can get more range in his elbow before we tackle the self-feeding obstacle.

Bending his elbow! (He's only crying because he was cranky. He gets this range in his elbow by himself).

Customized elbow splint.
Playing with the splint on.