Thursday, January 31, 2013

Road to Progress: Part One

12 days old (yes, that is a stain on his cast)
The very day he was born, Liam was outfitted with casts on both of his legs. The only joints not affected by arthrogryposis were his hips. He had no trouble (and still doesn't) kicking those legs all over the place. You'd better stay out of their way during diaper changes! The best thing about his mobile hips combined with casts on his legs, is that he now has a very strong mid-section.

10 weeks old - occupational therapy
Liam had his casts changed each week for the first 3 months of his life before he had his first procedure to his Achilles tendons. During this time, he had therapy once a week in the hospital to work on the joints in his arms and hands. He was even given tiny customized hand splints to continue giving his wrists a constant mild stretch.

11 weeks old - recovering from surgery

Liam continued to wear casts constantly for about another 4 weeks after his first surgery. He was able to enjoy a couple of months of freedom and we are back in casts again. But that story will be for another post.

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Vera C Kempf said...

This is a beautiful, strong baby, with wonderful strong parents!!