Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Making Steps Toward the First Step

Our big boy turned one this month. Though I wrote a letter to him for his first birthday expressing my pride in him, I still find it difficult to sufficiently put it into words. He is a hard worker. He doesn't like doctors and therapists messing with him and making him do things with his body that feel uncomfortable to him. But I think on some level he really does understand that he is deriving benefit from everything he has gone through because he tends to maintain a tolerance that I find myself envying.

His newest challenge is in the form of a "supine stander," which will strengthen Liam's legs and teach him to become more comfortable with standing on his own. As you may recall, his legs had been in and out of casts (Ponseti method) for the first 8 months of his life. The primary objective of the casts was to straighten out his clubbed feet. They also served to initiate mobility in his ankle and knee joints which gives long-term benefit to his arthrogryposis.

As of now, we are still struggling with Liam being able to sit up completely on his own, unsupported. Also, we don't expect him to learn to crawl because his knee joints are still too stiff to bend fully. Now we are teaching him to stand, using the stander, hoping he will someday take the initiative to stand on his own; and eventually take his first step. Seeing how well he tolerates the stander, I believe we are well on our way in the right direction.

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